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ZZ Top Coverband live
Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top & Bruzzler
ZZ Top Coverband B. & Girls
ZZ Top: Dusty Hill
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ZZ Top's Dusty Hill says hello
Steel Panther & Bruzzler
Stadtfest Zeltweg
Rock live
      2008, Spanien
Murcia Hot Rally, Spain
Tribute Band Bruzzler
ZZ Top Live Band
Coverband BRUZZLER, Tribute Band
"Harley-Davidson European Bike Week"       09.2006, Austria
ZZ Top Coverband - Live Band
Tribute Band
ZZ Top Coverband
"Rock im Steinfeld"       04.06.2005, Austria
Bruzzler - Liveband
ZZ Top Coverband
Live Band
Rock live       2005, Italien
Coverband- Liveband
Coverband Fans
ZZ Top Tribute Band
Coverband BRUZZLER live
Rock Club live...

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Coverband live show
Live at the Toy-Run, Vienna
Live at infineon 11/2004
Toy-Run 2002
'80ies clubbing 2000